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COVID-19 Measures

Ndihma+ is closely following governmental instructions and recommandations on how to handle the COVID-19 crisis, and is continously updating its operations to match these instructions. 


Our focus at this specific period remains the well-being of our customers and our employees. 

More concretely, some of the measures we have taken: 

  • Masks are systematically used by all of our employees, wherever they are 
  • Our work environments and vehicles are equipped with sanitizing gel 
  • Employees change their uniforms at least twice per day and each time they are transferred from one client to the other 
  • Social distancing while organizing meetings or interviews 
  • Recommending our customers to minimize the number of persons assisting our team during service execution 
  • We’ve enriched the range of detergents we use with special detergents anti COVID-19 
  • We’ve enriched our services with a specific one, dedicated to disinfecting environments against COVID-19