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Children care

We all know grandparents and aunts are often the most trusted and affordable carers for your children, but they don’t always live close by and are not always available. Mornings or evenings, for few hours or for full days, regularly or just for a specific case, you can count on Ndihma+ to look after your children.

Our babysitters are carefully selected and tested by us. They have taken specific trainings, have similar past experiences and have provided references. But most important of all, they do this kind of job with all the passion needed for it.

Contact us immediately!


When we receive your request for our services, we’d like to have additional information in regards to below points:

  • The exact service you need: assistance to look after babies, toddlers, children at school age, assistance for young mothers etc.
  • Number and age of your children and two words about their character
  • Time of start and end of the required service
  • During our services, do we have to take children out of your home?
  • Special advise for our carer

Following your reqest, we will put you in contact with our professional carer and you could have the opportunity to interview her in person or by telephone. In case you are not satisfied with her profile, we might introduce you to several carers.

Advice for parents

  • Study the reaction of your children when they are introduced to the babysitter and look at their reaction after she has left. Initially he might be afraid, but soon he should start to recognize her and be happy upon her arrival
  • If you hesitate to leave your kid alone with the babysitter, it is recommended that the first days you stay there with them.
  • Before you leave, you should give these information to the babysitter:
    • Your exact name and a phone number where you are reachable, an address would be good, also.
    • Names and contacts of few of your relatives, who could answer in case of urgent need
    • Health book of your children and whether they are allergic to anything
    • Preferred time to go to bed and the bedtime routine
    • The food prepared for the children and the preferred ime for giving it to them
    • Medicaments to be given, if applicable
    • The place where clean clothes are found
    • How to calm down the child if he cries
    • Place of first aid kit
    • The address of your home and instructions on how to reach the home, in case the babysitter has to explain this to another person
    • Contacts of your family doctor

Our babysitters will be attentive to respect following guidelines while taking care of your children:

  • Leave enough time to parents to share all needed information and instructions
  • Not give children food, drinks or medicaments not allowed by parents
  • Keep doors and windows closed
  • Not leave the child alone in the toilet
  • Check on the child each 15 min if they are sleeping
  • Not leave the home with the child, unless permitted by the parents
  • Not leave anybody enter the home, unless specifically consented by the parents
  • Not answer the home fix line, unless specifically allowed by the parents

Furthermore, depending on the age of the child, they will entertain them by playing their favourite game or telling their favourite stories.

The staff of our agency will get in touch with you to have your opinion on our services, and if interested, you might agree with us on a schedule of services with the same carer.