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Out of Country

You live out of the country and you need to hire somebody to take care of your children, but you are not sure you can find the right person in the town you are now leaving! You would prefer you had a lady from Albania, having the right experience, education and attention towards your children, so that you could trust them to her! Additionally, you would be pleased if your children learned your mother language and learned some of the traditions of our beautiful country.

For all above reasons, and others, you could be looking to hire an Albanian babysitter. Ndihma+ comes at your rescue to find best alternative for the most precious people in your life.

Our agency aims at putting her expertise at your service so that it can act as a reliable liaison between Albanian people leaving out of the country and qualified babysitters in Albania who would be interested to have an experience abroad. We do this by:

  • Getting in contact with families leaving abroad, interested for these services and trying to understand as best as possible their needs and budgets
  • Introducing these families to two or more Albanian babysitters who would be interested in the opportunity
  • Facilitating the agreement between the families and the ladies

Please note that Ndihma+ is not a recruiting or hiring agency, it’s main service is the mediation between those who demand and offer the services.

Ndihma+ approaches to interested customers and tries to satisfy them by:

  • Taking first contact with them one or two times, in order to understand their needs in regards to a nany for their children.
  • Preparing a detailed file of the customer by considering his family composition, information about their children, location and budget
  • Keeping continuous touch with the customer

The agency tries to find the perfect babysitter for each case by:

  • Selecting interested candidates out of the rich database of CV-s it owns and introduces them to the new case. Ndihma+ continuously collects new CV-s for babysitters.
  • References of candidates are verified by the agency
  • A special training is offered to babysitters by the agency
  • A profile is prepared for each babysitter and it is continuously updated
  • If candidates are interested in specific cases, they are introduced to the customer
  • Continuous contact is kept with the babysitters to enrich their profile with Ndihma+

If you are interested in finding the perfect babysitter for your children, take direct contact at:

info@ndihmaplus.com or mob. + 355 (0)69 3381880


Whether you are a customer or a nanny, we are ready to offer you the best alternative, according to your criteria!


You are welcome anytime!