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Senior care

Our grandparents, but not only, cannot take care anymore of themselves. Elders need your love and attention also, but sometimes life is so hectic, you feel you don’t spend the sufficient time with them. N+ is only one phone call away. Our manager of elderly care services will come and meet, you and your loved elders, in order to design a proper care plan

When you will call us to ask for elderly care services, you will be prompted to provide below information:

  • Number of persons we need to take care of
  • Their age and health status
  • What kind of specific service you are asking
  • Living address and if there are will be other people present while our staff is there

N+ is there to make the elders feel as good as possible by:

  • Taking care of their personal hygiene
  • Assistance in food preparation or preparing the food
  • Taking walks in the neighbourhood
  • Driving short distances
  • Aid in shopping
  • Activities such as reading or social games

In each case, you will have the possibility to meet the carer suggested by N+ in advance and evaluate her skills and competences in advance.