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Special Occasions

You would like so much to invite your friends for dinner, but your home is missing the ‘spark’ you would like it to have. You could dwelve into cleaning every corner of it, but you will fall asleep half an hour after your friends have arrived. And what about cleaning after the event is finished? It’s even more stressful than the one before.

But even in case of misfortunes, when the last thing you would have to worry about is the tideness of your home, find a way to reach us, and we’ll immediately be there for you, working in the most discrete manner possible.

When you call us before an event, we will not bother you with a lot of questions but would need some basic information such as:

  • Type of event (party,dinner or misfortune)
  • Would you need a cleaning of all areas of your home, or just parts of it
  • What are the time constraints you have and the level of emergency

Cleaning for this case includes toilets, bedrooms, living rooms and cooking/eating areas.

As this is quite a specific service, feel free to clearly express your needs so that we optimize the budget for the expected results.