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Office cleaning

Your office or your shop is the place where you spend most of your daytime. It is important for it to be as clean as possible, for you and your customers. It’s not always easy to keep it as clean, though, given the amount of work you might have to do. While you need to remain focused to your business, you could hire Ndihma+ to take care of your environment, so that you and your customers are both happy.

After you contact us for the fisrt time, we’ll need to collect some basic information regarding your needs, so that we can decide on the best schedule and the best team to assign to your case. Our most frequent questions are:

  • Exact address of your business and preferred date/time of the cleaning
  • The area to be cleaned, whether it is a large or small office, a clinic, a shop, whether it has specific furnitures, large windows, common areas with other businesses, etc.
  • What is the activity of your business and number of people working there
  • What is the type of flooring (carpet, stone,tile etc), whether there are floor areas requiring specific detergents
  • Do you have areas particularly humid, moldy or with accumulated dirtyness
  • Is your business area old, new or recently rennovated?
  • Should we use any specific cleaning product that is available at your appartment? Would you prefer that we use our professional products?
  • Do you have specific documents or files to protect during cleaning? Are there specific items which should be carefully preserved during cleaning?

After answering these questions and other relevant ones, our staff will explain you in details how the service will be carried out, what are the tarifss and will shortly introduce you to the experience of our staff. We shall agree on a date and time for the service. Ndihma+ might require you to pay a small advance for the service, so that you keep the slot reserved.


You will be reminded one day before the cleaning and you will also be given small tips on how to prepare the site for easy cleaning.

Once the cleaning is finished, we’ll kindly ask you to complete a satisfaction form and issue the coupon for the payment.

If you are interested in further services, Ndihma+ might suggest a cleaning schedule and a long-term contract with more interesting prices.

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